"Hello... me..."

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Some random Russian boy that likes the internet too much. Way into anime and games. Maybe too controversial and cynical to leave alone. Preaches hard work, social justice, fun times and good morals, relatively.

Portfolio: Lawful, Doesn't discriminate, Polite by defauly, Swiming in sadness, Suicidal-but-not-really, Can't swear ever, Practically doesn't speak, Deliberately asexual but probably bi, Holds all anger inside, Respect must be earned, Misantropic, Apathetic to trends, Living in own fantasies, ADHD, Defender of justice, Giving everything a fair chance, Can't run for 5 minutes, Curious about others' problems, Dangerously lazy, Horrible memory, Needs friends, Social darwinist, Not every life is equal, Praise seeker, The world can't wait, Paranoid, Prideful of own intelligence, Eats whatever on a table, Hates "hate", Careful with money.


Pretty much abandoned by mother, I was raised by her family in a village without any care of the world. The nature-loving sister and computer-loving brother made my early years truely a heaven on Earth.

When I was taken back to the city, I've started to notice that certain things are expected from me, but nobody bothered explaining them to me. The first school was a pretty mixed experience, the education was almost militaritic and the classmates were rather aggressive. That made me extremely cynical and cold by the age of 9.

The second school was easy, but I couldn't ignore that the staff was highly outdated and corrupt, while most of the students were lightly put literal morons. There comes a breaking point, where the pressure from all sides, biased society and the desire for freedom took away my sanity to the point of self-harm. After that my mentality was full of escapism, I would hardly leave the bed or get out of the screen, and only barely passed the exams with just an excuse to go back to peaceful days.

With understanding of international news and flat out refusal of anyone else to support me, I had to take matters in my own hands and spent most of my free time training my mental strength and scientific knowledge. The university was a pretty much worthless, but at least I've got valuable analytical experience. The rest of my future is pretty much self-serving to regain that peace at last, but at least I'm willing to go around on the internet to spread joy and justice.

ProgrammingAstronomyHistoryCultureBiologyDigital artManagementAfterlifeWritingAtomic Physics

SleepNebuera NimaLiFotus (don't ask)PunsMy SHSL LuckSalty meatRulesPunsVeggiesWinterComplex systemsEnergetic music

PoliticsCorrupt supervisorsSexualizationHigh pricesFishMilitaryWrestlingPoor decision makingSwearingSmokingAlcoholSmall talk

Favorite movies:
HogfatherConstantineBionicle 2: Legends of Metru NuiToy Story 2Baan BeginsMulanSpider-Man 2Millionarie DogsTreasure PlanetThe Addams FamilyThe Phantom MenaceThe Lord of the RingsThe IncrediblesThe Chronicles of NarniaShrekAntzKung Fu Panda 2

Favorite cartoons:
Spider-Man TASLooney TunesGalactik Football Avatar: The Last AirbenderSamurai JackW.I.T.C.H.Megas XLRAdventure TimeChowderCodename: Kids Next DoorWunschpunschRobotboyCourage the Cowardly DogThe Amazing World of Gumball

Favorite shows:
GameCenter CXStargate AtlantisPrimevalMentalistDoctor WhoPrimevalMythbusters

Consoles I owned:
Sega Mega Drive MK IIPlayStation (rental)PlayStation 2 (borrowed)Chinese BlockGameWhite PSP-1000
Headshoted a boss in Army of Two co-op when we both were out of healthAn early alpha tester for Soda Dungeon and Soda Dungeon 2Practically 100% Dark Souls using mouse and keyboardFinished Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command with no deaths100% Pac-Man World 2 Finished Getting Over It With Bennet FoddySoda Dungeon alpha tester100% Crash BandicootFinished Akumajou Dracula X68000Completed Thumber level 9 with an S rank

Favorite games

Lego Star WarsWorms ArmageddonBeyond Good&EvilPerimeter: Geometry of WarThumperNiGHTS into Dreams...American McGee's AliceOctopath TravelerHeroes of Might & Magic IIIWarframePac-Man: Adventures in TimeHammerFightKing's Bounty

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden TreasureSonic 3&KSnatcherZero ToleranceMega BombermanTMNT: The Hyperstone HeistDynamite HeaddyToeJam & EarlGolden Axe IIComix ZoneStreets of RageUltimate Mortal Kombat 3

Pink Panther's Passport To PerilFull ThrottleDungeon KeeperDooM

Rengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.NPataponDevil SurvivorPersona 3MediEvil: ResurrectionPac-Man World 2Pokemon Explorers of SkyLive-A-LiveSoulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Kamen Rider series ranking (to be updated when I make proper reviews, soon)

SeasonOverallStory Part IStory Part IIRidersMonstersVisualsMusic

Sentai ranking

PR series
Mighty Morphin: ?Mighty Morphin 2: ?Mighty Morphin 3: ?Alien Rangers: ?Zeo: ?Turbo: ?Lost Galaxy: ?Lightspeed Rescue: ?Time Force: ?Wild Force: ?Ninja Storm: ?Dino Thunder: 4/5SPD: 4/5Mystic Force: 5/5Operation Overdrive: 4/5Jungle Fury: ?RPM: ?Samurai: ?Super Samurai: ?Megaforce: 2/5Super Megaforce: 1/5Dino Charge: 1/5Dino Super Charge: 2/5Ninja Steel: 1/5Super Ninja Steel: 0/5Beast Morphers: 4/5

Sentai series
Dekaranger: 4/5Magiranger: 4/5Goseiger: 5/5Gokaiger: 5/5Go-Busters: 5/5Akibaranger: 5/5Akibaranger Tsu: 4/5Kyoryuger: 5/5Ninninger: 2/5Zyuohger: 3/5Kyuranger: 3/5Dino Force Brave: 3/5Lupin VS Pat: 3/5Ryusoulger: pending...


Ultraman Geed: goodGARO: pending...Godzilla: pending...